View Your Phone Differently


A phone which is perpendicular to your eye line is never going to offer you the ultimate viewing experience and you aren’t likely to stare directly down on your phone as it lies on a horizontal surface. This is exactly what conventional wireless charging forces you to do, thankfully the designers of ‘Tilt’ identified this problem and have engineered a solution!

The top of the speaker allows the user’s phone to wirelessly charge in a conventional manner, but if the user is to place their phone to one side, the whole product tilts. The asymmetrical lip on the top section of the device holds the phone in place, allowing for a much more comfortable viewing angle!

This isn’t Tilt’s only party trick however; when it is turned over it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, and due to its compact and portable design, it can be taken with the user wherever they go!

Designers: Hyunsoec Kim & hs2 studio