When Fashion Meets Function


In an ideal world our devices would be able to make it through the day on a single charge and we wouldn’t be constantly on edge about being stranded with a lifeless device, or witnessing our disappointed and lost reflections in the blank screen of our, now useless, phones.

Until this day comes we will have to make-do with carrying around powerbanks, but TASSEL may make this task slightly more bearable. Powerbanks often carry a rather utilitarian aesthetic and this may interfere with your clothing style or current trends; TASSEL combats this by featuring a sleek and minimal outer casing, where just four LEDs feature on its otherwise uninterrupted design.

The cable, which is inspired by the tassels often found on women’s bags, means that the user needn’t worry about ever losing the cable, therefore they are still able to conveniently charge their device to ensure they are never left feeling lost without it.

Designers: Hyunsoo Choi, Jeong Kim & Joongho Choi