Meditation Rocks!


Meditation isn’t something to be rushed and holding your body in the correct position for an extensive period of time isn’t at all easy. However, UNDO might just solve this. Designed to hold the user’s body in an ergonomic position, they are able to sit close to the ground for a prolonged period of time, without any discomfort.

And UNDO rocks, literally! The cushion, which has been engineered with multiple layers of foam compresses as the user sits down, gently rocking them forward to align their hips and back.

The form of the cushion has been carefully considered in order to avoid the ‘hippie’ aesthetic that is often associated with meditation. With the help of its playful shape and natural color palette, UNDO will look no more out of place than any other item of furniture in the room.

Designer: Jordon Diatlo




Undo Rock Arrows_2017_05_01