Designed to look un-designed and well-designed


The lack of design details doesn’t make a product less attractive, or badly designed. In fact, if consciously done, minimalism and sensibility can together create an aesthetic that is calm, comforting, pleasing, and more importantly, highly noticeable.

Standing out against an ocean of over-designed appliances is Séjour, a series of self-care appliances for frequent travelers. Séjour focuses on the need of the hour, i.e., being convenient and easy to pack/use. Coming as a kit comprising a hair-dryer, straightener, and trimmer, the three appliances fit perfectly inside a slim tray that can be easily placed in suitcases along with your clothes. They even use a single universal cable that can connect to the appliance that’s needed.

Visually, Séjour aims at looking like a reliable, no-nonsense set of appliances. The lack of “visual fluff” feels almost therapeutic, and its beautiful earthy colors give it a realistic demeanor. The appliances come made from FluidSolids® injected biopolymers, and are easy to assemble/disassemble, making them great not just for you but for the planet too!

Designer: Céverine Girard