Who Said Print is Dead?!


You could play Texas Hold’em on the internet via a website or an app, but there’s a different joy in being able to hold actual cards in your hand, in that fan orientation. There’s a different appeal to it because it’s MUCH more sensorial. You can see the cards, but you can also touch the cards, listen to the paper as the cards shuffle, probably smell them too. The fact that all your senses get engaged at the same time makes this vastly more appealing than just looking at a bunch of pixels on a screen.

The premise behind The Apothecary was to champion print, using techniques that engage your senses, to create a pack of cards that are just beyond beautiful. With incredible hand-made illustrations, remarkable print quality, metal foiling, and even gilding the entire pack (the shimmering metallic colors on the edges of the cards), The Apothecary feels precious, and instantly becomes a keepsake or a memento, rather than any ordinary pack of cards. Even the outer packaging is a thing of true wonder as it uses thermochromic paint to change color when your finger touches it.

The card-deck is designed to evoke a sense of mystery and fantasy, with its Ye Olde styling. Each card has hand-drawn illustrations that are then replicated in print, resulting in something that has a handcrafted appeal, but with finesse. The cards come in two styles (Sentiments and Virtues) and you can choose between the signature Black label and the color-changing White label. If you’re overly passionate about cardplaying, the cards even come in a hand-crafted ebony or red-oak cabinet case, adding another layer of mystique to remarkably pretty, multi-sensorial card-set that is The Apothecary.

Designer: Alexander Chin

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From the award-winning card design company of the world’s first color changing cards, SEASONS returns with more interactive curiosities from the other side.

Below: Seronda Sentiments


  • Elegant silver foil highlights the deck.
  • Premium sculpted emboss tuck cases printed on exquisite linen-textured stock.
  • Mysterious “Ingredient Logs” and “Directions of Use” wrap each pack.




Below: Verna Virtues


  • Gorgeous gold hot foil stamp highlights the deck.
  • Upgraded sculpted embossed tuck cases printed on exquisite linen-textured stock.
  • Cards printed with our winning combo of linen (Aristocrat) stock and coated with premium magic finish for professional grade handling.
  • Mysterious “Ingredient Logs” and “Directions of Use” on each pack.




Below: Signature Black Label Virtues & Sentiments Upgrade


  • Hand engraved in gold and silver metallic ink.
  • Each sheet is hand run on press into premium black stock.
  • Hand signed, numbered, dated, and hand wrapped by the artist making each piece truly unique to your collection.



Below: White Label Color Changing Deck


  • Each deck is artfully GILDED BY HAND displaying true craftsmanship.
  • Introducing the world’s first color-changing tuck box using patent pending heat-sensitive technology that responds to your touch. Seronda box colors turn from Anthracite to Blush to the touch.
  • Virtue boxes transform from Apricot Orange to Yellow when handled.
  • Applied on premium linen stock.
  • Cards printed with linen (Aristocrat) stock and coated with magic finish.



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