Elon Musk’s favorite chandelier


I’m assuming there’s a very small group of people who find themselves to be passionate about rocket science and chandeliers. For people with the aforementioned interests, I also assume there aren’t many products that capture the essence/zest of both… but boy, do I have something for you today! 3D printing enthusiast and SpaceX intern, Andrew McCalip’s chandelier is a remarkable replica of the Falcon 9’s thrusters. Built with 9 booster units that house lights inside them (the brighter the better I say), the chandelier looks remarkable as a lighting unit in itself, leave alone being a replica of one of the most iconic rockets of the modern day.

The Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier is about 34.8 inches wide, and is completely 3D printed. You can choose between having your model printed in either a glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate, that the designer describes as having “a nice gong when struck”, or a special PPS-carbon fiber reinforced material, which is the hardest 3D printable material known to man. A perfect fit for a chandelier that models itself on the rocket that’s capable of 7600 kiloNewtons of thrust at sea level!

Designer: Andrew McCalip