The Wallet for Mind plus Matter

With almost a decade since its inception in 2009, Kickstarter is beginning to complete a full circle, and in turn letting campaigners take their small fledgling ventures and turn them into large companies and brands. Pebble, Oculus, Bragi, these are just some garage projects that turned into Silicon Valley success stories and household names in just a span of a few years. We’ve charted the success of Dango too, that has gone from making really admirable money clips and multi-tools to making some of the most desirable EDC (every day carry) known to man.

Dango’s tryst with EDC started off with the Loop Hook that went on to set the footprint for the Dapper and the Tactical Wallets, two wallets that embodied the alpha-spirit in the concrete jungle. Their latest invention builds on the idea, and adds the one crucial element to the EDC that converts it from a survival kit to a creation kit. The Dango P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet adds a specially designed pen to the wallet, along with a notepad to your everyday carry, making it a carrying case for commerce, contraptions, as well as creativity.

At the heart of the Pioneer Bifold Wallet still lies the MT02 multi-tool (available separately), which influenced a lot of the design details surrounding Dango’s past wallets. The Pioneer lives up to that standard and some more, with its signature silicone band holding the bifold Italian Leather wallet together. Within the wallet lies space for cards as well as banknotes. The wallet also integrates the pen into the wallet’s hinge, giving it its structure. The custom pen, machined from 6061 space-grade aluminum fits a Schmidt pressurized ink refill, and comes with silicone ring grips for a comfortable writing experience and slots on the back for a woven lanyard. The pen slides right into the wallet, complemented by a notebook that fits into the footprint of the wallet itself. Made with supple Italian Leather, the Pioneer features RFID Blocking, protecting your cards from being used unless you want them to. Paired with the MT02 multi-tool, Dango’s Pioneer becomes a supreme concoction of functionality, fashion, creative-fervor, and everything in between. It holds everything from your currency, tactical multi-tools, to your ideas… and looks absolutely stylish while doing all of it. What more could a man want!?

Designers: Thuan Tran & Charlie Carroll

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $79.00











Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $79.00