Apple Macmini Needs A Radio Friend

Apple freaks know pretty well that Jobs doesn’t indulge in concepts. Which is why any nugget that comes our way, we lap it up like starving puppies. Who wouldn’t love having this stackable Radio and Speaker System for Macmini on their table? Specs like Internet radio with access to about 10,000 stations worldwide, 2 front and 3 rear extra USBs and multi card reader, makes it a delectable item. Superb sound quality and sexy design are a given!

Designer: Sebastien Sauvage


  • leon says:

    so many such things.i am tired of it

  • Luke says:

    Who wouldn’t want it?

    Well, I wouldnt, for one. First, it’s too garish and tacky with all those lights. Second, radio is dead (and there are already competent peripherals out there for those who would wish to hang onto it), and Internet radio can be done with software. Finally, all the purported features of this device can be packed into a smaller case.

  • pettiblay says:

    I don’t get how bouncing the sound so much can make it better. The material would have to reflect perfectly, which is impossible, and all it pretty much does is add interference no?

  • Carl says:

    why are the power buttons on the back? and the USB’s too?

  • godish says:

    I quite like this product. It’s true there are so many products made around MAC/ipod but it’s not easy to make it stylish, and I think the designer of this mac radio did a good job. The radio function is pretty useful but it’s not what attracts me most. I love the see-through speakers. it’s cool too see how it works inside and the designer managed to make it very stylish without making it look “geeky” like some trasparent PC case of super desktops.

  • Chris Burns says:

    mac mini — how come you feel so goooood?

  • Igor says:

    Yeah, it’s cool.

    But, if i correct understand, that radio can play a internet radio too.

    If it true, it need a ethernet – to play internet radio, without turn on mac mini.

    Plus, need a some interface (web, or OS X widget, or both), to add/remove user defined internet radios.


  • Carlos says:

    Pettiblay: Bouncing the sound’s waves will create a much nice and deeper sound, It s a smart thinking to use the design to enhance the sound quality for a small size speacker system. And it looks great indeed! I Like this concept!

  • gnuga says:

    Apple evolution continues. After the success from the previous fantastic idea of providing mini and energy efficient desktop, Apple releases their newest baby: the Apple Mac mini MB463LL/A Desktop.

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