YD Handpicks: 5 Valentine’s gifts to ease your troubles!


You could buy a $100 wine, or foot the bill at a fancy restaurant… again (or make a DIY sock puppet and regret it for the rest of your life). Or you could gift your loved one something personal, unique, and out-of-the-box to show that you care. You could wait for inspiration to strike… or you could just scroll down to check out our eclectic selection of expressive gifts that are sure to win you some brownie points for the rest of the year! The thing with gifts is that they can say things that words can’t express. So if a picture can say a thousand words, a gift can say a million words. The list below will make sure they’re the correct million!

The “Can’t stay apart” gift
Quirky, dorky, and borderline ridiculous, this umbrella is sure to make the both of you laugh, or at least crack a smile. The two umbrella structure keeps both of you dry (and in the shade), while its single handle ensures both of you have your hands interlocked. Cheesy? Probably… but a little cheesy never killed anyone, right?



The “Long Distance Lovers” gift
I’ve been there, and it’s one of the biggest bummers, but this gift is sure to ease some of the pain. Philippe Starck’s watch comes with two independent watch faces that let you set separate times on them. Ideal for if the both of you are in separate time zones, the Dual Time watch is a wonderful way of saying that you’ve always got ‘time’ for each other!



The “When it all began” gift
What if… you could capture a picture the planets and their positions the moment the two of you met? The STC Color Art Print does just that! It’s a cosmic photograph of the complex ballet dance the planets and their moons did at a precise given time and date. Choose the special day, month, and year, and the STC print will show you exactly what the solar system looked like the moment you two set eyes on one another. Nothing could be more grand!



The “Where it all began” gift
Bad with dates? How about places?? The first place you met, the first coffee/house you bought together… The You Are Here series of ornaments capture the place that’s special to you and turn the map into a piece of wearable jewelry. Talia Sari’s work of art allows you to select a precise location or neighborhood, which she then converts into a vector map, which in turn is fed into a laser cutter that turns it into jewelry, allowing you to carry your happy place with you wherever you are!




The “Love that’s untouched by time” gift
There’s something truly enchanting about the Sola Cube. Usagi no Nedoko’s series of acrylic cubes capture wonders of nature rather beautifully, making them look like relics, but moreover, immortalizing them. The Dandelion (shown below) is one of our favorites, although there’s a wide variety you can choose from. A favorite flower, perhaps. the Sola Cube is an absolutely breath-taking product to look at, and even more exhilarating to own. The flora inside will stand the test of time, like your love… will never wither, or weaken. And will always be there for everyone to look at, and to admire!