Take a Breath of Fresh Design


According to data from World Health Organization (WHO), 92% of the world’s population lives in air-polluted places, and thus, breathes a lot of contaminated air. A problem most of us take for granted and continue to contribute and pollute it on a daily basis. It is said that within each year, an estimated of 6.5 million people died because of both indoor and outdoor air pollution. A staggering number of a world looking at making smarter audio equipment instead of smart air sensors.

Inspired by the look of the plant, AirQuality is designed as a handy product where the design relates to the function. Designed by Ryan Yeung, the AirQuality is a Bluetooth wireless connected device that measures VOC/CO2, the temperature and humidity in the surrounding area. Carrying a somewhat playful aesthetic, the natural and artificial contrast here is an ironic twist on such a well-needed product. What may seem at first playful, may be a product which helps you live better and healthier in the long run. Time to ditch that minimalistic steel desk sculpture and replace it with this functional smart air sensors.

Designer: Ryan Yeung