Heels on fire!

As flashy (literally) as they may look, the Power Spurz were designed to be a signal of sorts, letting you be visible to people nearby as you walked, jogged, trekked, or cycled around. Made to be taillights that you wear on your shoes, the Spurz let people from a distance see you, which works rather well if you’re on your own, jogging or cycling down the road in the dark and you’ve got a vehicle speeding towards you, saving you a potential ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ moment.

Made to bend around your heel and fit onto any shoe of any size, the Spurz come in a wide variety of colors and can be configured to either flash a steady light or blink continuously. With a run time of 70 hours when on steady light and 100 when blinking, the Spurz will need a battery replacement probably once every 3 months. They’re even designed to be absolutely weatherproof, so whether you’re out in the sun, rain, snow, you know you’re visible, and literally ‘marked’ safe!

Designer: 4id

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