This Mattress will Impress

Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? The princess slept on a hundred mattresses kept one atop the other, but a small pea placed below all the mattresses still managed to give her royal back some discomfort. Most people wonder how sensitive the princess’ skin must have been. Others wonder how damn huge the pea must’ve been. The real question, however, is how bad were those mattresses?! You see, if the princess were sleeping on even one Eve mattress, you could put a LEGO stockpile under there and she wouldn’t even know. That’s what 3 layers of precisely engineered foam do. Eve uses three different types of foam to craft the best sleep experience for you.

The upper memory foam layer takes the shape of your body while sleeping, so your body doesn’t adapt to the mattress, the mattress adapts to your body. A lower breathable foam layer makes sure the mattress always stays cool and airy. The lowermost structural foam layer gives the mattress its shape, and also some structural integrity, so that the mattress doesn’t behave like a flippy floppy duvet.

The Eve isn’t just about the sleep experience. Anyone who’s bought a mattress before, or watched FRIENDS, knows carrying something large up a staircase can be a hellish experience. The Eve’s choice of material means it can be compressed tightly and rolled into a small box. Once opened, the Eve’s memory foam kicks in and allows it to become a full fledged mattress right inside your bedroom. Cheers to making your life easier whether you’re asleep or awake!

Designer: Eve Design

Buy It Here: $369.00 $499.00