Virus Alert, Start The Drip!

Swine…you swine flu! I’m not being abusive here, but trying to look at the lighter side of life. Like a Virus attack on my PC is not the best thing, but if I wanted to add a bit fun-element to the situation, I would go for the Dr Hard Drive Bag. Fashioned like a life-saving drip, the system comprises of a circuit board of hard drive with relevant software. This tangible virus vaccine plugs into the lappie and pre-loaded software helps recover precious files and data. Jazzing up the scene a bit are the Twinky lights that shimmer while the software does its job.

Designer: Hyuh Jin Lee


  • Robert says:

    On first read I thought that this was just a fancy hard drive.

    But if it comes pre-loded with recovery programs, a bart like operating system, and anti-* software, then this could be a very good buy.
    Certainly much easier than buying all software seperatly, setting up another operating system, buying an external hard drive and loading.
    It could also cost less to get all in one, (maybe advertised i.e. says “Drug: Symantic. Dosage: 2GB” or such on side)

    I heartely like, hope somebody makes this a product, Make it automated and sell it for a fortune in Computer Planet etc.

  • xxblahxx says:

    lol. love it xD

  • TJ says:

    I like it. But no need for my Mac.. I would love to see something similar looking just a backup HD.

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