The new boAt Stone Lumos Wireless Speaker will project galaxies on your ceiling while you listen to music

Why buy a sunset lamp AND a Bluetooth speaker when you could have both in the same device?! boAt Lifestyle (India’s largest audio hardware brand) just announced the boAt Stone Lumos, a speaker with its own built-in LED projector that casts ambient scenery onto your ceiling while you listen to music.

Scheduled to launch in India today (June 25th), the boAt Stone Lumos is a fairly hefty boombox-style portable speaker boasting a 60W output. However, its crown jewel isn’t the audio, it’s the integration of a projector on the top left of the speaker, which reportedly shines ‘stars and lights’ on the ceiling to create am ambiance that goes together with the music you’re listening to. Details on the projector seem scarce at this point, but given the Rs. 6,999 INR ($83.8 USD) price point, we wouldn’t expect anything too immersive or detailed.

Designer: boAt Lifestyle

The speaker packs a lot of punch for its price tag, boasting a 60W output. A control panel on top of the boAt Stone Lumos lets you adjust various parameters, like playback, volume, EQ, and even cycle through the 7 different projection modes the speaker has to offer.

The control panel offers a variety of adjustments, while a two-part LED projector casts light and stars onto the ceiling above, creating a soothing atmosphere.

The speaker comes with a maximum of 9 hours of playback (with the projector off), has support for the boAt Hearables app, is IPX4 splash and water resistant, and has a built-in mic for hands-free calling. The boAt Stone Lumos also packs Bluetooth 5.3 for a crisp connection, although if you’re old school, there’s 3.5mm aux and USB connectivity too!

What the boAt Stone Lumos does is rather unusual, but seems pretty fitting. Most mid-range Bluetooth speaker do pack their own ambient backlights and LED strips for an extra audio-visual oomph, so the fact that this speaker actually turns your room into a makeshift galaxy just feels like taking wireless speakers to their logical next-step. Now to just play Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay on this bad boy!