Unchaining your audio experience


Here’s an interesting approach to portable audio. What’s the one most vulnerable part of any portable audio device? I’ll answer that for you. The cable. I’ve literally got more than 20 earphones collected from 2007 that eventually got spoiled because of weak cables. The Auxiliary project aims at making earphones modular in that aspect, allowing you to flip/switch/change cables when you want or need to. I personally marvel the approach for being unique, and more importantly, achievable. Headphones and earphones usually find themselves by the tonne at landfills because they don’t get recycled that often. A broken earphone usually means one with a cable problem. Auxiliary allows you to retain the audio drivers (the speakers) while just flipping the cable that connects them. Its beautifully inclusive design is even built for headphones, allowing you to have one aux cable that can be used with all your portable audio devices! However it isn’t wise to only rely on one aux cable… I’d probably buy five or six, because they’re so beautiful looking! Will you look at those metallic gradients?!

Designer: Mauricio Romano