Literally plays the hottest tracks

Taking terms like “Playing with fire” and “Drop it like it’s hot” a little to literally (or should I say lit-erally), the Fireside Audiobox turns audio into a pyrotechnic performance, by channeling the sound through a tube of propane gas.

Using an apparatus developed in 1905 by Heinrich Rubens, the Fireside Audiobox is a wireless speaker with a certain retro allure that completely gets overshadowed once you light the tube on the speaker’s upper end, resulting in a dance of flames! Audio frequencies play on the intensity of the flames, causing them to jump along with the music, making for a speaker that is bound to be the centerpiece at any and every house-party. Perfect for the weather we’ll soon be experiencing, and with the festive season coming up, the Fireside Audiobox could add wireless Bluetooth speaker, a fireplace, and an unignorable charm to your living room! Maybe avoid trying to roast snacks over this fire though.!

Designer: Tyrone Hazen (Grey Street Design)

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