Head Over Heels for These Two Wheels


The Koenigsegg Bike 1090 plays with various forms and material choices that make this bike a CMF designer’s dream. Designed by Burov Art, the 1090 teases the eye with its beautiful framework – sneaking out in breaks between the shell of the body, divided by a matte black and some elegant glossy paintwork. The light saddle, escaping from this muscular upper half of the bike makes it look as though the rider is almost floating on air, suspended above the rear suspension.

As your eyes slowly make their way from the front to the back of the 1090, you can’t help but feel there is a distinct split between gorgeous surface design and the visually raw engineering beauty of this two-wheeler. While the low lying handlebars accentuate the sporty form of this great bike, they not only add to its relaxed, sporty look but also add an element of approachability to this bike – making it desirable to lovers of all biking styles. This funky two-wheeler roars cool from all angles. If Steve McQueen were around today, you could imagine you’d find him on this.

Designer: Burov Art