This reconfigurable travel pod is your personal lounge, reading nook or even a gym

We are slowly inching towards a future where smart mobility dominated by social spaces will be the hot trend. Of course, autonomous driving is going to be the ruler all along, since you as a rider get some me time to unwind after a long day at work.

Just imagine sipping coffee with close buddies on a mobile café, reading your favorite novel while heading to your parent’s place, or even working out in a mobile gym to make the most of your spare time while in commute back from the office.

Designer: Jin Jin

The PIX Robobus moving pod for urban mobility is a prototype resulting from the deep desire to have moving zen-like interiors suited for the mood. All this while commuting with 4-5 other fellow passengers. The idea of the designers is to have a broad network of PIX Robobus fleet that makes connected city commuting feasible. This is why the ultra-agile four-wheeler is tailored for urban commuting – specifically for 3-5 kilometers of travel, making it the perfect shared mobility solution for sightseeing, industrial parks, university campuses or airports.

It’s not just about transporting people from point A to point B, but rather a moving environment for individuals to enjoy daily adventures of life. The Robobus doesn’t isolate the riders from the outside world – as in, they can enjoy the outside views. It’s more about “Intelligent Mobility”, according to the designers. There are two rows of seats on each side in one configuration with elements incorporated to bring an airy feel to the interiors.

The platform that the moving pod sits on is designed in a way to leave maximum space for riders to use and the in-wheel motors further assist in this build. These wheels can move individually for tight city commuting or parking in tight spots.  There’s a skateboard-like chassis that makes the wheelbase and wheeltrack reconfigurable. Thus, the pod can also be assembled together to have more platform space, for it to be used as a lounge area, gaming space, or a makeshift motel. That’s if someone wants to buy it for personal use. The possibilities are limitless.

PIX Robobus will have an estimated range of 70-100 km on a single charge and speeds anywhere between 15-30 km/h. So, we can expect a very deep-rooted network of Robobus pods in passenger transport configuration, dotting the metropolis of the future.