This wood panel plays MP3s


Turn that blank piece of wall into art. Not just visual, but also auditory! Room One’s Surface Bluetooth Speaker looks like a wonderful curved wooden ply mounted on a wall for artistic expression, but it can fill the room with beautifully balanced audio.

The secret lies in the technology and the choice of material. The technology employed isn’t particularly new (we’ve spoken about it before). Hidden behind the beautifully engineered wood piece is your audio setup, comprising vibration speakers that relay sound vibrations to the wooden ply. Given wood’s ability to reproduce audio with a great deal of fidelity, the panel on the front not only makes for a great piece of abstract art, its conical shape also helps disperse sound in a balanced manner.

The Surface comes in three balanced color variants that complement the balanced sound of its speakers. Indigo, Rust, and Natural, allow the Surface to blend into the decor when needed and stand out, when required. Each speaker panel is molded using engineered wood and then CNC milled to perfection. The wood grain on the speakers are unique to it, giving each unit a personal touch. Built with Bluetooth connectivity, the Surface can play music from your phone, allowing you to use services like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, or Soundcloud in conjunction with it, and therefore converting a piece of wall-mounted visual art, into art you can listen to!

Designer: Room One