Who needs Radioshack?


You’re pulling an all-nighter. You’ve got a deadline to meet and all the coffee by your side to keep you in focus. Then, just as Murphy and his laws would have it, your wireless keyboard dies on you. Or it could be your mouse. The most frustrating part? It’s 3am and where the hell are you going to get batteries now?

Here’s something that may just help. The Battery Organizer, as simple as it may sound, can be quite a life saver. Designed with precise optimization, it makes space for any and all batteries you may use or need, in quantities depending on their popularity/acceptance and need. The rack can hold up to 93 separate batteries and makes individual slots for everything from D size to C size to your ever-useful AA and AAA sizes. Beside that, you’ve even got slots for 9-volt batteries and even a little cradle for storing those tiny little tablet batteries. The organizer gives you a singular storage space for batteries (even encouraging you to stock up), so that you don’t have a drawer cluttered with batteries… And if you do have a drawer cluttered with batteries, the Battery Organizer comes with a battery tester (hallelujah!) that allows you to easily test and see which batteries are worth keeping or which have run out of charge and need discarding. Now you can thank me later… go grab those batteries and get back to your important work!

Designer: The Battery Organizer