This trekking pole’s clever design lets you adjust it with a simple button-push

Comfort can sometimes be the enemy of innovation. It’s a clever phrase I just made up, but it does encapsulate a point the ATP-01 is trying to make. If you’ve ever trekked before, or gone skiing, chances are you’ve used an alpine pole, or a ski-pole. It’s that long stick that you use to shift your weight, get traction, and climb uphill or trek/ski downhill with ease. It’s a design that’s relatively seen less change in the past couple of years, because people have become comfortable with the status quo. By innovating on the pole’s design and its features, the ATP-01 by MONT.BLACK aims at replacing the ‘default’ pole design with something more functional and reliable.

So, what exactly is wrong with the current poles? Well, MONT.BLACK believes they’re useful, but adjusting them on the fly is a major drag. Most of them come with telescopic designs, featuring clamps inspired by camera tripod-legs… which means every time you need to adjust their height while climbing uphill or going downhill, you spend a good 5 minutes fiddling with clamps (while wearing gloves, mind you). That interaction was enough for Britain-based MONT.BLACK to go back to the drawing board and redesign the pole’s interaction.

Unlike its predecessors, the ATP-01 sports a height-adjusting mechanism operated by a single push of a button. The button comes built right into the handle of the pole, allowing you to push to activate its adjusting system, letting you expand or collapse the pole’s height in mere seconds. Moreover, it can be done with gloves on, and its slightly recessed design means you’ll never press the button by accident. The button activates a series of pins that snap in position at 5-centimeter increments, locking the height in place, and numbers on the side of the pole let you easily read its height to know the length at a glance.

Along with its nifty height-adjusting feature, the ATP-01 also focuses on creating a pole that’s constructed to be qualitatively better. Quick-adjust straps along the handle let you easily secure the pole right to your wrist (so it doesn’t accidentally slip or get blown away), and easy-to-swap baskets on the base let you rapidly switch between terrain types. The pole strikes the right balance between strength and weight, weighing just 280 grams (9.9 oz) but has the ability to take over 90 kilograms (198 lbs) of weight. The pole’s construction uses powder-coated aluminum, with stainless steel locking pins, a tungsten-carbide tip (for being able to easily penetrate rough terrain). The grip comes made from EVA foam, while the button on the top uses a blend of ABS and PC plastic, making it resistant to wear-and-tear over the long run. Speaking of which, each ATP-01 pole comes with a 2-year warranty, where you have the option of getting MONT.BLACK to fix your pole for you, or have them ship the replacement parts to you so you can fix them yourself. In the event that the pole’s condition is beyond repair, the fine folks at MONT.BLACK will replace the pole for you and recycle the damaged equipment’s parts to ensure minimal waste enters our earth’s ecosystem! The ATP-01 comes in white and black color variants, and for each pair of poles purchased, MONT.BLACK will plant a tree on your behalf.

Designer: MONT.BLACK

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The ATP-01 – Adjustable at the Press of a Button

The next generation alpine pole, the ATP-01 is instantly adjustable at the press of a button. It enables you to be instantly adaptable without the fuss of traditional methods.

Problem with Traditional Adjustable Poles

They take too long to adjust, they’re easily broken and often cumbersome. Whether it’s avoiding buying them or simply not bothering to adjust them, these problems result in a product/feature with huge benefits going largely underutilized.

Features & Benefits

Change lengths precisely and instantly without thought.

It’s instantly secure.

It won’t be accidentally released.

Quickly adjust your strap.

Easy & Satisfying to Use

Simply press the button, change the length and release the button as you pass the desired hole. Hearing that *click* of the pins locking into place is very satisfying.



Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $120 (34% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!