This IKEA-inspired modular kitchen system is designed for digital nomads

Rëkoøk is a modular kitchen system designed for the digital nomads of today to bring their kitchen with them anywhere work takes them.

IKEA is one of the most iconic furniture brands of all time–it’s no wonder designers find endless inspiration from the multinational, Swedish-founded conglomerate. While IKEA has always been a primary source of furniture for economical buyers hoping to bring a touch of Scandinavian design into their homes, the digital nomad era of today makes the flatpack designs and easy-to-assemble pieces from IKEA that much more relevant. Merging the design language of IKEA with a modular and interchangeable build, Rëkoøk is a portable kitchen concept designed for the digital nomads of today to feel at home wherever work takes them.

Designer: Edoardo Gouffran

Constructing Rëkoøk, product designer Edoardo Gouffran hoped to build a flatpack kitchen system that allowed digital nomads to bring their kitchen with them as they move from one space to another. Depending on the space they move into, digital nomads can configure Rëkoøk to fit their culinary and spatial needs.

The idea behind Rëkoøk was to “create a kitchen that respected the rule of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and [one] that was easy and quick to assemble.” Users will need only to attach the kitchen sink to a water supply system for operation.

As a result, Rëkoøk is comprised of modules that users can easily fasten together with included hardware and tools for ultimate customization. Smaller spaces might require a more vertical kitchen, so users can adjust Rëkoøk’s build to fit that space.

Then, larger spaces might allow for more counter space, allowing users to elongate the kitchen system and spread out a bit. Just like IKEA’s furniture pieces, users can assemble Rëkoøk through an easy-to-follow set of instructions that come with each package. An accompanying app also supplies buyers with food recipes and assembly instructions.