Not for the weak-hearted

Not for the weak hearted… or the weak wristed, the Vostok-Europe Energia Professional Dive Automatic was designed to embody characteristics like robust, powerful, and Goliathan. With a dial that’s a stunningly massive 49mm in diameter and 17mm thick, the watch isn’t for scrawny wrists. It’s an indication of raw power and authority.

Waterproof up to 300 meters, the Energia Professional Dive Automatic comes in an aqua-friendly color scheme and features an a design to match. A stand-out feature is its rather unique lug shape that looks almost like teeth, interlocking with the leather band to create a detail so striking, it’s probably the first thing I noticed and fell in love with in the first place.

The Energia Professional Dive Automatic comes with a Stainless Steel body and a Seiko NH35A Automatic movement on the inside that you can see clearly through the open “exhibition back” of the watch body. Made for underwater use, it even features a helium valve at the nine o’clock position that helps balance pressure when the watch rises to the sea surface after experiencing high pressure underwater. To make viewing easy under all circumstances, the dial and hands feature Tritium tubes that allow it to glow in the dark clearly, making your viewing experience comfortable in all lighting conditions, while adding a certain flair to an already incredibly eye-catching timepiece!

Designer: Vostok-Europe