A Dream Come True


Say goodbye to those sleepless nights with the LOATM Bi-Flex CPAP Mask by HSD Ventures. Unlike the many sleep apnea masks which involve tubing protruding from the front, HSD’s mask took a more discrete system of tubing. The tubing for the Bi-Flex Mask escapes from either side of the nose cup, raising itself above the user’s cheekbones and hidden behind the ears of the user and meet once again under the chin. By keeping the tubing as close to the body as possible, it alleviates the risk of dislodging the equipment, enabling the user to have a more comfortable and restful sleep.

The LOATM Bi-Flex CPAP Mask has a headband in order to stabilize the mask during movement. The headband is made of a soft, breathable fabric – easy to wash and minimal irritation to the user. The mask is accented with a light blue structural support – blue being the most popular color used in medical devices due to its calming nature and does not compromise the aesthetic of the device – this not only keeps all the components together but adds a soft guide to the edges of the device itself.

Designer: HSD Ventures