A Portrait of your Place in Space!


Did you know that at any given point in time the planets are oriented around the sun in a unique formation that occurs once in many lifetimes. While some choose to believe that this alters or affects your personality and destiny, there’s no denying that its beauty and uniqueness is larger than life. MUCH larger! As a follow-up to last year’s STC Memento, the STC Color Art Prints add a layer of complexity to the planetary positions, creating something more detailed and with greater finesse. Using complex algorithms to determine planetary positions (the same used by NASA), the Color Art Prints are massive family portraits of our larger home, the solar system, and its members.

As a step up from last year, the Color Art Prints now feature the moon, and even the dwarf planets beyond Pluto, all in color, using JPL/Caltech generated planetary maps to capture the correct hue!

Designed to capture the exact planetary positions on any special day, be it a birthday, an anniversary, or even an inaugural day, the Color Art Prints not only give us a larger perspective on what the Solar System looked like on that special date, they also show us that no matter how much of a speck we may be in the grander scheme of things, we’re unique… and with no two Color Art Prints looking identical, they are the perfect expression of our individuality.

Available in a variety of sizes, and with Matte and Luster paper print options, the Color Art Prints are highly complex graphics that use state of the art algorithms to compute planetary positions, turning science into art. With the addition of the moon, STC adds a layer of complexity to the prints, including the aspect of time aside from date. In its beautifully simplified graphical print, the Color Art Prints doesn’t fail to let your jaw drop a little, as you appreciate the beautiful choreography of our immediate cosmic family.

Possibly the most ideal gift, the award-winning STC Color Art Prints are unique in their approach and idea and boast of beautiful execution. Go ahead, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with the universe, capturing a brief yet important moment in our eternal cosmic dance!

Designers: Govy and Martin Vézina of SpaceTime Coordinates

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Pitch Black


Dark Night


Void White



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