The laptop with a card for a soul


As we come to terms with the fact that Intel has shrunk raw computing power into something that literally slides into your pocket, here’s one of the first and foremost products that teams up with Intel’s vision to provide a simple easy approach to computing that involves just swiping cards every time you want to upgrade.

The Nexdock is a hybrid laptop that uses Intel’s Compute Card to turn into a powerful machine with Intel’s magic at its heart. The sheer beauty of Nexdock is in the fact that it can limit itself to the bare minimum and therefore boast of an incredibly sleek design that relies on the Compute Card for its processing power. Basically just a touchscreen, battery, and Compute Card dock, the Nexdock is razor slim, with a thick base that houses a battery, the docking system for the card, and modules that allow you to connect cables and peripherals for the Nexdock. It even comes with a kickstand that allows the Nexdock to stand at any angle.

Not only does this make the Nexdock a laptop that’s as powerful as you want it to be (based on the Compute Card you buy), it also means that you’ll never find it going obsolete. The Nexdock’s life cycle could be as much as five times larger than the life cycle of the average laptop, because hardware upgrades can be done by simply switching Compute Cards… therefore making it a machine that stays with you for longer, and doesn’t end up in a landfill after a newer model is launched.

Designer: Emre Kosmaz (Nex Computer)