Studio lighting in your phone-case

I’m reminded of how Phil Schiller made a rather important observation at yesterday’s keynotes. The iPhone’s camera is pretty great, but there’s still one thing that it isn’t completely in control of… Lighting. Now while the iPhone 8 and X take care of lighting in their new and improved Portrait Mode, here’s something for the predecessors.

LuMee’s first iteration of smartphone cases featured two strips of light on the front that would illuminate your selfies with a lovely warm glow, making your front-facing camera shots wonderfully illuminated. Social media queen Kim Kardashian even gave it her seal of approval. Now, LuMee Duo adds another strip of lighting that illuminates the back of the phone too, giving you great lighting that’s warm and soft, unlike your phone’s flash. The LuMee Duo case features a button on the back that allows you to activate the front and/or back facing lights. Holding the button even allows you to control the light’s brightness, so you have the perfect intensity for your photos and videos.

The LuMee Duo’s case runs on its own battery, so that it doesn’t steal power from your phone. That also allows it to work independently, letting you use the case separately to cast the light at different angles while the phone films videos or takes shots. It even means you can use just the case as a flashlight while you use your phone to talk to someone!

Designer: LuMee