Vivacuum Varooomm!

The Vivacuum is a compact cleaner for people who are visually impaired. The appliance gets its ‘Vi’ prefix by compounding the words visualize and vacuum. The way its works is very simple, the sensors in the vacuum perceive an object and then transmit it via vibrations to the user. One can choose the suction direction by controlling the steel-wheel of the handle. The Braille steel wheel makes it easy to work the thang. An interesting idea that can be further explored for this select market!

Designer: Namsun Do


  • 都知元 says:


  • moosa hameed says:

    i would like to buy one .can you send price list ?

    thank you

  • Ethan says:

    I admire the intention but I just really can’t see the market potential for this product… I really doubt blind people care that much about vacuuming.

    They could get a vacuum robot or, in most cases, a house helper, like they usually do.

    Advances in home robotic will be the key to help people with disabilities.

  • Jap says:

    Vacuum cleaner that a cleaning company need. attracting and futuristic design that the costumer impress.

  • Laurie says:

    Where are these sold? Please send pricing info

  • Joe Seaborne says:

    Really cool vacuum, I wonder how much they would sell for in the store.

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