Headphones to Speakers Instantly

You’ve got your headphones on, and you hear the greatest song of all time. What do you do? You just chill with it, if that’s the way it affects you. But sometimes a song slides through your headphones that explodes upon you in a way that demands you share it with everyone. What do you wish you had instead, at that point? Speakers. If you’ve got “Dubnium,” speakers are exactly what you’ve got. Dubnium is a pair of headphones until you flip them to position two: high quality multi-person speakers for the whole world to hear what you’d love for them to hear.

What this project, Dubnium, reminds me of is the time I first heard that the iPod Touch would feature a built-in speaker. I remember being really excited that I’d be able to unplug the headphones and play the music directly from the pod itself. I bought one, I used it, and I found out the truth: the speaker is alright, but it’s definitely not party-room loud. Designer Adrian Jankowiak presents here not a modification to the music player, but to the amp. – Make it party-room loud, Jankowiak, party-room loud!

Designer: Adrian Jankowiak

Dubnium headphone speakers from adrian jankowiak on Vimeo.