Become a smartphone Spielberg

They say the most useful camera is the one that’s with you… and that’s undoubtedly your phone. A major percentage of videos uploaded online are now being shot through phone cameras, so it makes sense to be able to make them look as professional as possible. Shoulderpod’s series of phone/camera rigs work beautifully to not just give you a stable shooting platform, but also allow you to connect various peripherals to your shooting device.

Shoulderpod makes a variety of shooting rigs and the X1 (shown below) is by far the most stable and accommodating of them all. With a completely modular set-up, that fits into the smallest of carrying cases, the X1 can be assembled in a configuration that suits you the best. Its vice-grip works with pretty much any phone (so if you’re planning to get the iPhone 8 releasing on Tuesday, you can still use it!) or even camera, like the GoPro or Sony’s recently launched RXO. The X1 also lets you mount everything else from mini light panels, viewfinders, to even microphones… and the entire set-up can be carried by hand (in a single or double handle configuration) or even mounted to a tripod for perhaps the most professionally shot mobile phone videos. What’s best is that once you’re done, the X1 dismantles completely, fitting into a slick case that slides right into any bag you may have. Looking for something a tad bit smaller? Shoulderpod’s S2 and R2 may just hit the sweet spot!

Designers: Enrique Frisancho & Ana María Vicens of Shoulderpod