This modular furniture system merges airport lounges with co-working space for a flexible future!

Do you know what is worse than a delayed flight when you are traveling for work? Waiting in an uncomfortable seat in the lounge which is FOR SURE not close to a charging station so you have to continue working as you race with the depleting battery levels. Airport lounges are not well-designed to incorporate comfort or productivity levels given the amount of time people spend there. Aliante is a simple solution to these issues, it is a modular furniture system that blurs the boundaries between a waiting lounge and a co-working space. This solution could be applied to any space where people tend to wait, I can see it in all the big transportation stations and maybe even malls, hospitals, or (I am going to be bold here) the DMV?!

The furniture system was developed in collaboration with Tecno S.p.A. and the aim was to investigate future work scenarios that as the team thought about the changing trends in behavior and habits. Aliante system offers a versatile working space for both individuals and teams. It features ergonomic seating options, more practical table surfaces, power outlets, and charging stations all placed in a flow that is suited to maximize comfort and productivity. Its extensible rail structure supports all the modules of the system and gives it the flexibility to be configured to any space – it can be set up in a line, as a corner setup, or even as a stand-alone system if you have a smaller space. The structural skeleton can be accessorized and expanded.

Aliante can be easily assembled into diverse arrangements, enabling architects to structure the internal spaces of airport lounges (or any other space) and define flexible coworking areas that work in the favor of those who spend time there. The concept imagines a future where the coworking environment has spread outside normal offices and has become part of public spaces such as supermarkets, banks, hotels, and transportation hubs. It would certainly help with the last-minute deadlines!

Designer: Miriam Yassin, Juan Salazar, Andrea Tortone and Karla Zesati