Cutlery that will last centuries


If you are as convinced as we are that Titanium is probably the best material for utensil construction, and you already grabbed a pair of Feastform’s incredibly hardy spatula and tongs that were designed to last you multiple lifetimes, you may as well expand that arsenal with some eating tools too.

Designed and manufactured by Esbit, the Ultra Lightweight Titanium Cutlery set are made from high-grade bio-compatible Titanium and come with similar faceted handles like the Feastform. These handles give the utensils a sturdy structure so no matter how thin the cross section of the cutlery is, it never bends or flexes… making the product as strong as it is light. The titanium construction makes it ideal for cooking given how titanium doesn’t scratch, break, rust/corrode, or even impart a metallic taste to food. Perfect for the ardent outdoor traveler and even for use indoors, the classy yet indestructible titanium tools weigh just under 43 grams and stack together, secured by a silicone sleeve so that they can be carried wherever you go, in your journey to eat pretty much whatever you can/want!

Designer: Esbit