Kitchen Tools that Never Die

What’s great about titanium is that it’s abundant, light-weight, anti-corrosive, and pretty much indestructible. What’s a little perplexing however is that using titanium for just making pens isn’t really doing much justice to the material. Titanium is a wonderful choice of material for products that really push the boundaries of stressful usage, making it apt for items like tools and instruments that get used relentlessly on a daily basis.

That’s why titanium is a perfect material for Feastform’s kitchenware series. Made for rough outdoor usage, but with an elegant style that makes it ideal for use even in the most style-conscious kitchens, Feastform’s spatula and tongs are crafted from Grade 5 titanium, known for its remarkably high strength to weight ratio. The spatula’s handle is wrapped with Technora, a material known to resist heat so well it was used in NASA’s Mars Rover parachute.

Designed with an Origami inspired aesthetic, Feastform’s utensils look wonderful while they do their job. The spatula comes in two sizes and the origami design gives the handle strength, making sure it doesn’t flex. It also helps Feastform’s tongs occupy less space, by allowing them to nest within each other when disassembled. Made to endure the elements outdoors (and therefore indoors too), the tools resist scratches, work under high temperatures, don’t impart an iron taste to the food, are easy to wash and maintain (being rust-proof), and given their flat design, can be packed away easily too inside luggage as well as kitchen drawers.

Unlike most titanium kitchen utensils that only have a titanium coating around a stainless steel body, Feastform’s kitchen apparatuses are crafted completely out of titanium sheets, making them lighter than most, and infinitely stronger. Visually and functionally ideal to be used in the most rustic as well as lavish setups, Feastform’s kitchen tools are designed to last multiple lifetimes, and look good through all of them!

Designers: Ben Bangser & Jesse Kruska of Concept 91

BUY NOW: $83.00 $118.00 (Ti Spatula + Tongs)













BUY NOW: $83.00 $118.00 (Ti Spatula + Tongs)