Perk Up with Scenty


The best part of waking up is the smell of coffee in your cup! That unmistakeable scent alone is enough to get your gears moving. Designed with this in mind, Scenty Presso is a twist on the coffee maker that deliberately helps perk you up with the scent of coffee.

It utilizes Balmuda’s innovative evaporation tech to infuse water with coffee. After combining the grinds and water in the reservoir, simply turn it upside down and a fresh cup will instantly begin to pour into the cup. At the same time, an internal fan system will blow upward, over the freshly brewed beans and fill your kitchen with the warm aroma of a fresh brew.

Designer: Taeyeon Kim


“User can make coffee easily by putting mixed coffee grounds and water into it. After making coffee, used coffee grounds are used as diffuser. Consequently, using scenty presso means reduce of waste, recycling and drinking coffee more pleasantly”, designer Taeyeon Kim told YD.


“Recently, BALMUDA devveloped a new humidifier and natural evaporation technology is used. Structure of scenty presso is inspired by the technology. Natural evaporation technology is based on natural evaporation phenomenon. Adding power of wind on this, it can improve the effect of product.”



“Basic motive of the product is “hour-glass”. Inspired by hour-glass’s using experience, I put it in my design. By rotating scenty presso, user can transfer the coffee to the jar and simple touch will operation and adjust the product. Scenty presso has 3 steps of aroma strength and it can be adjusted by touching the button.”


“User can seperate the product. Detach the coffee jar to store in the fridge. There is a rubber cover which can cover the top of the jar.”