When it’s okay to play with your food!


There are a rare bunch of times it’s acceptable to play with your food, and this is one of them! Made by OTOTO (the makers of the world’s favorite Loch Ness soup ladle) the Spaghetti Monster colander easily becomes yet another adorable monster that finds its place in our kitchen.

The Spaghetti Monster, a delightfully bewildered looking creature, strains your spaghetti in a manner that makes it look like it has a wild messy blonde mane when loaded with the steamed noodles. The colander bowl forms the perforated body of the monster, with four tiny legs that give it balance. The eyes become the handles that one would grip (the eyeballs fit well into the palms, and no, I didn’t think I’d ever utter those words!), making it easy for shaking the colander every now and then so that the water drains through completely… although do be gentle! The Spaghetti Monster has feelings too!

Designer: Lior Rokah Kor for OTOTO