Tesla’s Transportation Transformation!


May the heavens bless all car concept designers. When we crave new cars the most, they immediately jump in to tickle our fancy with some drop-dead gorgeous designs, no matter how conceptual they may be. Believe it or not, it’s been 5 years since Tesla discontinued production of their first ever model (and the first ever highway-legal electric car), the Roadster, designed by Lotus Elise. Now while we wait patiently for the next automobile in the Roadster series (Elon hopes for a 2019 launch), let’s look at, or rather drool over this Roadster Y concept by Vinícius Buch, a student at UDESC, Brazil.

The car features an incredibly slick aesthetic that takes a lot of design cues from BMW’s ConnectedDrive concept, in the sense that it too is open-top, features clever use of planar surfaces, a silver and black paint job, and most importantly, featuring asymmetry into its design.

The car doesn’t shy away from being frivolously futuristic, as would be expected from a brand like Tesla (remember the Biohazard mode?). It features a Tesla logo on the front of the car that on pressing gets the car started. Doors don’t open the conventional way with handles, but come with a touchscreen panel that when you slide your finger across, cause the door to automatically open. The car also cleverly presents the visual illusion of having a grill on the front, by an interplay between metallic and black surfaces/paint-jobs. Move to the back, and you have yourself a power outlet for charging the car’s lithium ion battery. Hey Elon… Impressed?

Designer: Vinícius Buch