The Meryl Streep of Cameras

If I had to describe the Canary Flex camera to you, I’d probably say that it’s the Meryl Streep of surveillance tech. It’s capable of everything you can think of. It can be mounted anywhere, at any angle, used in wired and wireless formats, stream video to any device in realtime, and can withstand any weather conditions. It also records and streams HD video, has night vision, detects motion, and can automatically go into surveillance mode when no one is detected in the house for too long. If that isn’t as versatile as Miss Streep, then I don’t know what is!

What we’re more impressed with is however Canary’s series of mounts…the Twist mount in particular. The Twist mount for the Canary Flex allows you to place the Canary in the most unconventional of locations using an even more unconventionally creative mounting system. Without having the need to drill holes or permanently place fixtures, the Twist mount allows you to place the Canary Flex in a position by using the twisting tail to wrap onto an immovable object, holding the camera in place. Much like a fancy alien snake, the Canary can wrap around branches, rods, vertical/horizontal columns, and can be positioned to aim in any direction, looking more like an action figurine from a sci-fi movie rather than a boring piece of surveillance tech!

The Canary Flex HD surveillance camera is a past winner of the iF Design Award. Click on the button below to purchase the Canary Flex HD and the twist mount. The Canary Flex comes with the magnetic mount, shown at the bottom. The Twist Mount is available separately.

Designer: Canary







Image Credits: Canary & CNET