An Inflatable Lamp That Adds A Pop Of Color To Any Room

In the realm of design, creativity often finds inspiration in the most unexpected places. The SQUEEZE lamp stands as a testament to this philosophy, pushing the boundaries of conventional lighting by embracing air as a central design principle.

Designer: Eva Ausmann

SQUEEZE is not just a lamp; it’s a whimsical exploration of form and function. Crafted from TPU-coated nylon, the lamp embodies a harmonious fusion of material innovation and aesthetic appeal. The choice of materials ensures constant air pressure, creating a lightweight yet sturdy structure that is both dynamic and resilient.

One glance at this lamp, and you might mistake it for funky home decor. This inflatable lamp is not just a source of light; it’s a conversation starter, inviting onlookers to marvel at its unique design. The lamp’s agility is owed to welded joints in the TPU-coated nylon, and the material-specific properties of the stretched membrane, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to various environments.

This lamp goes beyond mere aesthetics by integrating practical features into its design. The lamp can be effortlessly attached to the edge of a table through the pressure created between two air cushions at the bottom, demonstrating an ingenious marriage of form and function.

Adding a touch of technological innovation, squeeze features an integrated air pressure sensor to control its light. The sensor reacts to the membrane being pressed, offering a unique and interactive lighting experience. This dynamic control mechanism adds an extra layer of engagement for users, making it not just a luminaire but a tactile experience.

Sustainability takes center stage with this lamp. When deflated and folded flat, the lamp not only becomes incredibly lightweight but also minimizes transportation costs and emissions. In the context of this luminaire project, the use of air as a design element showcases its potential to create resource-saving solutions, replacing traditional material-intensive constructions.

The lamp understands that personal style is diverse, offering the lamp in three different colors. Whether you prefer a subtle elegance, a vibrant pop of color, or a classic hue, Squeeze allows you to tailor your lighting to suit your individual taste and stand out in your interior spaces.

The minimalistic design of this lamp ensures that it seamlessly complements a range of styles – from modern to contemporary and minimal. Its soft geometry, combined with a splash of color, brings a playful yet sophisticated element to any space, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate simplicity with a touch of flair.

Squeeze definitely stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of lighting design. Through its ingenious use of air as a central design principle, this lamp not only illuminates spaces but also illuminates the possibilities that emerge when creativity and functionality coalesce. It transcends the conventional, offering a unique and captivating addition to any interior.