You can pack up this home & take it with you!


The future of homes is upon us and it isn’t a smart home. It’s a prefab home. Short for prefabricated, these homes come as livable units ready to be assembled and then lived in… like IKEA meets Architecture. The prefab homes became all the rage in 2015 when Muji debuted three ultra-small prefab hut designs for people looking to live the minimalist life away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Their latest hut design is ready for production and costs roughly $27,000. They also sit on a cemented foundation, making them permanent.

The KODA prefab home by Estonian design collective Kodasema however proposes something more head-turning. This fully equipped, quaint hut with a 25 square-meter living space and a mezzanine bedroom can be completely disassembled, and reassembled at another location within a day! The idea is that KODA is a state of mind. It should give you a space to live in wherever you find tranquility, be it in the woods, or a lakeside, or even your backyard. Its design can allow it to become your retreat, or even your personal office space, or a studio or classroom.

The house is constructed with factory-made components, and can be assembled on-site without any need for foundations. The terrace comes equipped with solar-panels, allowing KODA to generate and conserve its own electricity. The KODA is literally the perfect home away from home!
Watch the video below and be amazed!

Designer: Kodasema