Chilling Outside The Window

It’s interesting to so how cultural practices can trigger off inspiration to design a product that can be an extension of the same. For instance in India we usually keep pickles on our window sill, to marinate and cook them in the natural heat. Whereas in China, because of their cold conditions, food is kept outside the window to preserve it, plus it frees up the kitchen space. This Chinese practice inspired Frenchman Nicolas Hubert to design the External Refrigerator. A fridge that hangs on the external wall of your home. The win-win situation here is that during winters the low temperatures help in conserving energy and keeping the fridge-items cold. And during summer, solar energy is harnessed via the solar panels, to power the fridge.

If you think this concept is worth the shot, you may want to vote for it here, External Refrigerator (and 7 others) is vying for the top spot the Electrolux Design Labs Competition. The results will be announced on the 23rd September @ 100% Design London. And Yanko Design will be there to bring you the results! LIVE!

Designer: Nicolas Hubert