This geometric dome is a modular shelter that can be anything from a greenhouse to a tiny home!

Think of Ekodome as the grown-up version of building forts with bedsheets and pillows. Just like your fort could be anything you imagined from a storefront to a palace, these geometric domes are also designed to be anything from tiny homes to greenhouses! The modular design of these geodesic dome kits gives you endless possibilities and I, for one, would love to convert it into a creative home office.

Ekodome is a New York City-based company and they have many different models and sizes for you to choose from. The base concept is simple, it involves an aluminum frame that you can easily assemble DIY-style. The dome is crafted from high-quality and durable materials so that it is more than a temporary shelter while still retaining its modular, scalable, and lightweight nature. Your kit will come with the aluminum hub and hub caps with EPDM seal on. Both the aluminum struts and caps will be equipped with TPE SEBS seals and stainless steel bolts and nuts. Some of the popular uses for these geometric shelters has been to turn them into a greenhouse, a garden shed or even a glamping tent.

Once constructed, the geodesic dome can be used for a multitude of purposes such as a greenhouse, garden shed or glamping tent. You might want to employ it as a temporary work space, living quarters or a chicken coop. It would also work as an off-grid tiny home or disaster relief shelter.

Each frame can be covered with your choice of material, ranging in thickness from 4mm to 10mm. This allows you the ability to adapt the unit for use as a greenhouse with plastic or as a shelter with fabric. You can form your own coverings using company templates or wait for the pre-cut panels, which are expected to be offered soon. The modular design allows you to connect units together via tunnels for the true Mars experience and also for protection from the elements here on Earth.

The geodome concept isn’t new and has been used for tents and full-size homes with an understanding that the design is strong, light and efficient. However, these domes often have notable issues in regards to water resistance and reliable, protective cladding options. Ekodome has overcome those challenges using innovative technology to create strong seals throughout.

The company now offer five geodome solutions. Ekodome explained, “The five different models at various sizes are named after the feelings they evoke at first sight: Seed, for being the smallest in size; Luna, for being able to connect to bigger sizes like a satellite; Terra, for being the most common size for greenhouses; Stellar, for its stunning look and Cosmos, for its massive dimensions.”

Designer: Ekodome