This super cute cat cafe in Shanghai is the perfect hangout spot for your kitty and you

Nestled in Tianzifang, Shanghai is ‘Tristy of the CATS’, a cute and cozy cat cafe that serves as a warm sanctuary for our feline friends. A couple of years ago Chinese design studio Parallect Design transformed an otherwise rundown and disused building into a haven for cats and cat lovers. The cafe is marked by wooden ladders, cat houses, and little pathways, which the cats use to scamper and play around throughout the day. Watching little kitties bounce around through this intertwining network is truly heartwarming to watch!

Designer: Parallect Design

As you peep into the cafe, you are welcomed by a unique kitty land with cats running around and scattering about on ladders and various diagonal structures. The intricate network of structures connects the second and third floor of the cafe, as well as holes on the floors.“The hole on the third floor [has] become the most favorite space for the cats. Cats climbing the ladders [has] also become an interesting scene in the café,” said Parallect Design.

The cafe features European ashwood structures, and white walls, giving the entire space a rather minimal and free-flowing aesthetic. Geometric windows allow generous amounts of sunlight to stream into the space, making it feel quite light and airy. Wallpapers have been added, so visitors have interesting backdrops to take selfies and pictures with the kitties. The building had a rather steep staircase, which was revamped and redone to make it safer for visitors to climb. Hand sanitizers and flip-flops are also provided at the entrance, to keep the kitties safe from contamination. The house-shaped outline of the cafe gives it a rather unique touch, allowing it to stand out from the other stores located nearby.

Resting spaces have also been added to the third floor, with back-to-back seating and tables, that serve as spots to hang out once visitors are done playing with the cats. Round holes have been carved out between the wooden blocks, allowing the cats to jump and move through them. Parallect Design said the place was designed to have, “Cats are the owners of the space, and people become passersby”. Watching cats jump through the various levels or napping in the shelters is the best thing any cat lover could ask for! Don’t miss this super cute cat cafe if you’re ever in Shanghai.