Don’t Look At The Time. Look Into It!

Over the years we’ve covered all sorts of watches, vintage timepieces, minimalist wristwatches, smartwatches, aviator watches, unconventionally modern and luxurious Swiss timepieces, and even one with an actual meteorite dial! However, we haven’t done justice to one particularly stunning style of timepieces. The beautifully bare, skeleton watch.

There’s a certain raw appeal in skeleton watches. While most watches go all out in designing a beautiful dial, encrusting it with rare materials, the skeleton watch relies on a timepiece’s inner mechanical beauty to captivate the wearer. Much like how naked bikes have a gritty/exposed yet appealing allure, the Griffin Emblem Skeleton Automatic watch let’s the automatic Miyota movement on the inside shine through, showcasing its intricate movement in all its glory. The stainless steel casing around the movement sits atop it like a crown would on a king. Encrusted with rubies, the Griffin lion insignia, and lastly a sapphire crystal glass above it all, the watch has luxury along with a layered design that gives the watch a depth that you don’t see too often in other fine timepieces.

The Griffin Emblem watch comes with a unique serial number on it, allowing it to have an identity, and also an engraved name plate, allowing it to be an extension of your own identity. The plate can be customised with either your name, or the name of a special person, or even a birthdate or anniversary date. With a watch that has such an intimate, exposed character, a personal touch just elevates the experience, making the Griffin Emblem Skeleton Watch not just a timepiece to wear, but one to cherish!

Designer: Alain Recuze