Handmade Wallet, for the Self-made You!


The Wingback Cash Wallet is at the evolutionary midpoint between your regular old-school wallet, and your mobile that now has the ability to make payments. Small enough to fit in any pocket, and unbelievably handy, the Cash Wallet holds up to 20 notes and 5 cards. It folds thrice, making it compact, and allows you to access your cards and even your notes with sheer style.

While we’re on the topic of style, the Cash Wallet makes a pretty strong statement with its full-grain leather finish. Available in a deliciously warm palette of natural hues, the Cash Wallet can be customized to your taste, even with your choice of stitching style. The finely CNC machined fastener almost resembles a home-button on a mobile phone, giving the Cash Wallet its modern appeal.

The Cash Wallet is an environmentally accountable and aware product. Every bit of leather used is a by-product of the meat industry. Sourced from Italy, the leather is tanned in-house over a period of 2 months using vegetable and natural dyes to give you a rich hue with a minimal carbon footprint. All the wallets are hand-stitched so that they last longer (than machine stitched wallets).

Of all the Every Day Carry items, the wallet is probably the most personal… more than your keys. The Cash Wallet can be personalized to your taste with its wide choice of leather and stitching colors. Along with that one can even get one’s name laser-etched on the top or an inscription written on the inside. Plus, let’s not forget that each watch is handled with care by skilled craftsmen, using hand-made techniques over industrial processes. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a product that holds your personal belongings!

Designer: Alasdair MacLaine

BUY IT HERE: $79.00




Five cards, accessible from the top.


Slot in up to 20 notes.


Slide notes out individually.


Choose from Chilli, Cognac, Charcoal, Whisky or Chestnut.