This luxury catamaran’s smart fuel efficient design makes it lighter in weight as it picks up speed!

This catamaran gives you the thrill of riding the oceans at adrenaline-inducing speeds while being ultra-efficient. Yes, this vessel designed by Advanced Aerodynamics Vessels based out of La Rochelle is crafted to do that, thanks to the wing-like shape, representing a sweeping change from the countless yacht designs you’ve must have seen thus far. It’s not too big nor too small – just perfect to park in the bay area without taking up much space. The catamaran dubbed A2V is 35-foot long, as its cross deck center section generates the right amount of lift for maximum fuel efficiency. The catamaran is powered by twin 350-hp Yanmar turbo-diesels mated to surface drive propellers that reduce draft.

Only two such catamarans have been built so far by Advanced Aerodynamics Vessels. The latest one joins the fleet at Monaco’s Ports, the government agency operating the principality’s busy harbors. The vessel will go into commission beginning spring 2021, as it ferries superyacht owners from Cala del Forte, just eight miles from Ventimiglia, Italy. Carrying a hefty price tag of $1.2 million, this catamaran is created with utmost attention to detail as CEO Lionel Huetz takes pride in its unique form that literally turns it into a flying machine as the air “goes through the tunnel between the hulls,” creating a lift. The design of A2V was perfected in a wind tunnel and tested in seas with towering waves of 8-foot and 35 mph winds, which speaks a lot about the brand’s design principles.

A2V will haul 12 passengers in the most luxurious comfort between the harbors in around 15 minutes, taking up a lot less fuel (at cruising speeds of 57 mph) than other such catamarans, and at a much faster pace of around 70 mph. Passengers seated inside are surrounded by comfy leather seats with large windows in the front that give a panoramic view of the waters. Advanced Aerodynamics Vessels further wants to improve the future A2V versions’ design, making it even more potent with reduced weight and, of course, lavish for the demanding clients!

Designer: Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels