A Keurig for tea

I’ll refrain from referring to the Gourmia Tea Square as a Tea-urig, but that’s what it is. It’s the tea-drinker’s go to for instant tea pleasure. Designed to brew loose-leaf tea, the Tea Square takes those godawful tea-bags and shows them the door (because the only thing that should be in bags are your groceries, says Chef Daniel Green). The Tea Square stores your water and tea leaves in separate compartments and with just a few button pushes, puts together the perfect cup of tea for you. Taking care of everything from water temperature, to steeping time, to even pouring the tea into the carafe only when it knows the carafe has been docked, the Tea Square automates process that’s known for being quite human-centric.

With the ability (abili-tea?) to brew all sorts of tea variants (and even coffee), the Tea Square is compact and takes the hassle out of brewing because sometimes all you want is to have a cup of tea in your hands without having to make it!

Designer: Gourmia

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