Taking camping to “another level”

Why sleep in a tent when you could sleep in a nest?! The Flite+ by Tentsile straps to trees, giving you airborne accommodation in the outdoors! While most tents become really messy ordeals when the floor is wet, cold, hard, or infested, the Tentsile Flite+ has no problem, because it straps to three trees, creating a hammock + home that suspends above the ground.

The Flite+ has a triangular schematic covering an area of 40sq.ft., allowing it to form two living spaces with enough storage for some gear as well. It takes all of 10 minutes to set up and comes equipped with an insect mesh top that gives you a view of your surroundings without letting the critters get to you. It also comes with an additional tarp sleeve you can slide on top for when it gets too sunny, or begins raining. The single-ratchet design makes it rather compact, and allows it to weigh a comfortable 7lbs, making it easy to carry around on all your trips… because why camp on the ground anymore when you can float right above it!

Designer: Tentsile

Buy Now: $350