Manga Art Handles

If you’re familiar with Manga art then you know that the stylistically angular shapes and bold expressions, particularly of the eyes, make it instantly recognizable. The Mangake and Mangaka doorhandles were inspired by the form of the distinct eye shape, and reflect the elegance and beauty of the popular Japanese art.

Designer: Sanchit Gupta


  • Rawwhale says:

    Actually really elegant, I was expecting to hate this from the concept but the execution is classy.

    Not to be too presumptuous, but I’m assuming from your surname that you are Indian, it’s interesting you would be the one to create such an elegant tribute to japanese art on a site dominated by asian designers. Bravo!

  • tardkiller says:

    manga does not have any more ” stylistically angular shapes and bold expressions” than say, american comics.

    But these handles are interesting for sure.

  • but pitch it to Bungie, not Ford.

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