Sound-Synchronized Swimming


Rhythm plays a very crucial role in athletics. The rhythm of the heart almost becomes the rhythm at which joggers jog, cyclists and swimmers synchronize things with their breathing patterns.

The Nike+ swimming goggles concept don’t just boost your performance by keeping the chlorine out of your eyes and giving you underwater vision. These goggles have within them headsets, that allow one to play music while swimming. Since the giggles/earphones are used underwater, they come with minimal controls and a water-proof design. A 2 directional pressure pad helps wearers skip forwards, backwards and play/pause tracks, while simple buttons allow volume toggling. Since most swimmers swim with earbuds to prevent water from entering their ear-canal, the Nike+ relies on bone-conducting technology to relay audio through the wearer’s skull directly to the inner-ear. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Plus, who wouldn’t fall in love with these?! The cobalt/cerulean color combo looks drop-dead cool!

Designer: Aurélien Gravelotte