Move over Guitar Hero, this music-based gaming hardware gives you the entire ‘band experience’

You play music, you play games… coincidence?

That weird intro aside, Drop is a nifty gaming console ensemble that turns music into a fun, game-like experience. Quite like Guitar-hero, Drop’s instrument-esque controllers allow you to play along with your favorite tracks, but with a wider ensemble. The Drop’s hardware features a MIDI keyboard, a 4-button MIDI controller, a guitar fretboard, a bass-guitar fretboard, and even a microphone for some karaoke-style showdown!

The individual instruments connect to Drop’s smartphone app, which lets you choose the track you want to ‘play’ to. After that, it’s just chaotic, musical fun as you pair up with bandmates or against rivals for a battle of the bands! All the Drop’s gear tie back to its messenger-bag-style carrying case, which plays a pretty big role in the gaming experience. Apart from the case itself working as a controller, filling the role of the kick drum, it also serves as a charging dock for the individual instruments. Besides, a speaker grill running along the side allows the case to work as a wireless speaker so you can quite literally rock out!

Designers: Sigyeong Lee & Sieun Roh

Mockups supported by Model Solution